Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long time no blog! I have no pictures to put up or anything all that fun really. Life has been absolutely, insanely crazy for us these past few months. We left Monterey purdy quick and cem to Utah to saty with James parents for a little while (that's turned into a longer while than expected). James was given the boot from the AFNG because they are too full and so we decided to go full time in the Army...WOW!!! It's been inetersting. So....we've had lots of fun since we've been here in Springville....let me tell just a bit!

Austin's fun to hang out with family and enjoy life.

Visit with old friends that live here in Utah....Nicole and much fun to catch up a little and just have fun!

Eriks graduation in SD...we weren't going to go but my dad ended up coming down and so I didn't want to miss that opportunity so James got the time off to come and have some good family time. We got to chill with Kristi and exercise and swim almost everyday....what more can you ask for?

James had a shoulder manipulation done and is on his way to a real recovery...FINALLY!!!!

Jen had surgery so we got to hang with Claire and Brynn before the family times and got to know them a little more....good kids!!!

Family reunion in Vegas!!! So much fun....talking, swimming, volleyball, boating, pictures....and on and on!!! A really awesome reunion!

Harry Potter was a blast! James and I were the Dursleys, Tank was Harry, Ana was Ginny, Jarom was Ron, Beka was a garden gnome, and Sariah was Kreacher! It was so darn fun!!!

Jayne...well...we just don't need to go there. She is a strong girl and we're just so glad that she is still here with us.

All in all it has been a great summer. James and I are both looking for jobs and a place to live. It has been extremely stressful and yet I'm so glad to have had these opportunities to be here where we are right now. It has been nice to get to know Bill and Vonnie better and work on relationships. It's been nice to be close to so much family to be able to hang out and enjoy each others company. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to be in my own place and have a good job....but who wouldn't?! I know that The Lord has us go through things in this life for a reason and I think he has an excellent sense of humor. I just pray that I will have as good a sense of humor as Him and enjoy all the wonderful things I do have! Thanks mom and dad for putting up with us and being so kind and generous.