Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our sunshine committee!

James decided one night that we needed to have some "committees" here to help us be better at things like writing in our journals, service for others, planning vacations....and so on. We wanted to have something for all the kids to do but with them being as young as some are we needed to make sure they were things they could do. One concern was Abraham...he's just barely 5 months old so what is he supposed to do? Well, we came up with the Sunshine Committee and he is the head of it and let me tell you...this kid is the BEST!!! His job is to make people happy and I don't think we could have had a better man for the job! We sure love this little guy...how can you not?

What we do!

Sariah LOVES to carry around the little man even if he is almost as big as her. She feels so big when all the other kids are gone to school.

Sariah coloring such pretty pictures.

The big kids walking by the park to get to school on time.

Sariah breaking in her new shoes.

Abe chillin' with the old man while he takes a snooze.

Life in the full time Army as an Infantryman can be a little crazy...almost like being in training all the time. Last Monday James came home and told us he had CQ duty (charge of quarters, basically you watch the desk and answer the phone) and then was leaving the following evening for his 3 week FTX (field training exercise). All of it happens right here at Ft. Hood which is kinda crazy knowing that James is right here but we can see him and for him, knowing his nice cool house, clean bed, shower, and good food from the awesome wife is just a couple of miles away and he can't have it. It gets tough sometimes...but at least we have a job so no complaints. So, he came home about 6:00 and went to bed while we got up and started our day. James took me to lunch at a fun little place and then we got all his stuff we needed, packed, got the kids, and had him to where he needed to be by 5:30 and he was gone. The kids always hate it but this is our life!

Abraham is teething and so things can get a little much at times with all his crying but we wouldn't know what to do without the little guy. With James not home the middle of the night stuff gets a little crazier...kids coming in at all hours and Abraham needing to eat so I get a little tired and sometimes grouchy. Thursday was parent teacher conferences so it was HECTIC!!!! The kids got out of school early so that made it a little nicer....but here's how the day went. Wake up, shove Tank out the door, get the other kids ready, eat breakfast, walk to school, feed Abe, do a little p90x, clean the house, get dinner preparations done, go get kids, take a shower! And it's 2 p.m. now....whew! 3 p.m. we leave to get to Tanks conference which is on post, come back for Jaroms at 4:15, Ana at 4:35, and Beka at 4:55...We made it!!!! We got home, made dinner, took showers, read scriptures, said prayers and went to bed!!! It was one crazy day but we made it and actually had fun. The kids are totally awesome and doing so well in school. They want to test Ana and Jarom for the gifted program soon. I'm really excited for them and proud of all their hard work.

So...most days are like this minus the conferences but we are having so much fun. Sariah colors and draws pictures most days and absolutely loves it. She is getting so good at it and it makes me happy to see her love to do something so much. We've had some fun times with movie nights, letter writing days, games, fun family home evenings and good treats. As much as I complain sometimes, I love my family and the fun things we do together and I really wouldn't change my life for anything in the world.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Tank has a hard time remembering to put on deodorant and James thinks it's hilarious how he puts it on....so he took a picture. MEN!!!! What can I say?

The other picture is of our little house. All the houses at Ft Hood are duplexes....I have yet to see one that isn't. It's kinda crazy but at least for us the only connection to the house next door is the garage. Makes me a little bit less nervous for our loud crazy kids. One of these days I might take pictures of the inside...maybe!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh Beka!

I just love this little gal and all the fun laughs we have with her! If you know Beka...you know what I mean. Tonight at dinner James called her by the wrong name (hey...it happens when you've got 6 kids to keep track of). Immediately she looks up says "I guess we need to get some name tags or sumthin'! We could not stop laughing. Most of the family had left but Beka and I were still there and I called her by the wrong name....she didn't even hesitate but looked up and said "well, I guess mom's doin' it now too." She seriously cracks me up and I don't know what we would do without her in our family!!!