Thursday, October 29, 2009

My kids are the best!

I had SEP's today and yesterday and I'm so proud of my kids and their accomplishments in school. Tank is doing very well. He is reading above his grade level and loves to help in class. His teacher loves that he shares his ideas and stories with the class and said that he wishes more of the students would be willing to do so. Tank is turning in all his assignments on time and works really hard at everything he does. I'm so happy to see him work so hard and show what a great kid he is!

Ana's teachers were beaming when I came in and told me how lucky they are to have her in their class. She was the one of the only students to get honors in citizenship. She has over achieved in almost all of her academic areas and her teachers said that she actually volunteers to do things in front of the class. Ana is very shy and so it is really exciting to see her make these leaps in school. She is an excellent reader, speller, mathematician, and just a great kid.

Jarom is another star student. His teacher said he is just wonderful. He is one of the tallest kids in his class and so the teacher uses him often to help with getting things for her and doing stuff around the class and she said he's always happy to do it. There is a student teacher in his class til Jan and she said she always asks Jarom questions when she's not sure because she knows that he'll always give her the info that she needs. He is reading at the level that his teacher wants him to be at the end of the year and she is just so excited to have him. He is a smart kid who is following in the footsteps of his older siblings and I couldn't be more happy!

I'm so happy that my kids have such a great love of learning. I am grateful that they all have such wonderful teachers that see their potential and help push them to be better. I couldn't have hand picked a better group of teachers if I tried...and believe me...I am a picky mom when it comes to my kids and their school teachers...probably because I am one myself! I just love my kids and love the choices they are making. I hope they continue on this path and be the best that they can be!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kids and the funny things they say....

Little Sariah was brought to me on Sunday because she had some poopy pants. It was our first Sunday in the new ward and I had NO idea where priesthood was. We looked around a little bit (since it was the very end of church anyways) and finally decided to sit down and wait til Daddy found us. Sariah climbed up on the couch, crossed her legs and folded her hands in her lap with a HUGE sigh. She looked at me out of the corner of her cute little eye and said "Ok, we'll wait for Daddy". Two seconds later she gave an exasperated sigh, looked at me and said with her arms thrown up in the air in defeat "He's lost!" It was one of the cutest things ever. I'm sure you had to be there but I hope you still think it was cute!

Last night James needed to cut his hair for drill this morning. We are still unpacking our stuff and finally found our hair clippers...all but the cord/charger. I told James to just get started and if I HAD to I'd run and buy a new pair. Of course when he started...they stopped and he looked ridiculous and had just barely started. CRAP!!!! I'm heading out the door someone said something and Beka looked up at James and said "so you're hair doesn't look so dumb anymore?" James couldn't help but laugh histerically because he did look pretty ridiculous!

Jarom is just a funny kid and his favorite thing is to say "awkward" all the time. The other day there was something wrong with a picture and Jarom kept telling James to fix it so that it wasn't so awkward anymore. It didn't really fit but it sure was cute to listen to him say it over....and over.....and over....and over....again!

Ana is such a sweetheart. I was making some banana cookies for James that he's been wanting for a while. The cookies were baking and it was time for the frosting. Sariah had been in there for the whole process and LOVES to help but I was getting a little impatient. She really wanted one of the beaters but I always wipe them off a little before I give them out. Sariah really didn't like this and so she was upset and crying. I didn't care because I had had enough. Ana looks over at her and says "here Sariah, do you want mine?" It wasn't anything big but it meant a lot to Sariah and she willingly took the trade. What a lesson to learn from my sweet little Ana and her example of patience and peace making!

Tank is funny too. I was trying to do something with his bed the other night and I was tired and ready for bed so I had taken my pants off. I was taking care of the boys room and in walked Teancum. He started laughing and I couldn't figure out what was so funny. In between laughs he managed to tell me that there was a little problem with me...I had some crack hanging out! I was horrifically embarrassed but I sure gave my boys a good laugh right before bed. The only concern I have is that this moment might be brought up again in mixed company!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some pictures!

Sariah really didn't like the water....AT ALL!!!!!

The kids having a blast on the boat.

Just me and my man before going boating with the crew.

A picture of the whole fan damily!

Just a fun picture out by the pool at our fun Vegas family reunion!

We really had such a fun summer!