Thursday, August 21, 2008


Jarom had to get some booster shots for school and Beka needed a physical and shots too. Not having insurance prior to full time military wasn't a good idea. So, yesterday Jarom had his appointment and instead of just 1 shot, he got 5!!! He wasn't happy with me in the least. I guess he got his revenge when he screamed bloody murder in my ear 5 times while I was hugging him to keep from moving. YIPEE!!! The poor kid. I totally forgot to give him any tylenol and so we were running til a little after 8 last night. He could hardly walk and the poor kid just cried. I felt horrible. It's a good thing they forgive so readily. Beka had her turn today but she only had to get 1 shot. She cried and cried but felt much better after daddy took her to lunch. The kids pediatrician is a DLI where James goes to school so we went up to see him since it was lunchtime. She told him over and over how much it hurt. Before we got him, however, she kept telling me how much it hurt and that daddy could make it better, daddy would make it stop hurting. It's a darn good thing we were able to find daddy today! Sariah is next, but not until the end of September. YIPEE!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A funny picture I found

I thought it was funny when I found this picture. James was there at my house with his companion Carl just to see me go to prom (it was on Sunday). I thought it was funny of them to come and then when my mom had them get in the picture with us I thought she was a nerd. Now I think it's hilarious that we're married and all and James actually got to see me off to the prom!

The Kids

I just thought it would be fun to add a few pictures of the kids. They look so cute getting ready for church I just had to put some on there. I also didn't add any of the school pictures so I made sure to get that done. They are such cute kids and I love them so much.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Clutz!

So, yesterday I fractured my foot and I'm loving life right about now. Hopefully it will heal quickly so I don't go insane and can still take care of my children. Any advice would be gladly taken at this moment in time!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

Okay, so I've had few people ask me what I thought about it so here it is. If you haven't read the book then don't read this! I got the book on Saturday because James was sweet enough to pre-order it for me. We went to the beach and when we got home he took me upstairs and locked the door. The book was sitting on the pillow and he let me have the "night off" to read. I read til about 3:30 in the morning and then finished it a little after dinnertime on Sunday. I LOVED IT!!! A lot of people I guess were mad at the way the book was written but I won't lie. I was very pleased. I was worried that Jacob would end up with Bella because Stephenie loves Jacob so much. I was glad to see that everything got resolved. The wedding was totally awesome and I enjoyed that part. I did think it was little strange when Bella got pregnant but I loved how it turned out and the way it played right in to her transformation so perfectly and also the resolution with Jacob. I liked that when she changed and Jacob imprinted that she didn't tell him she loved him anymore and he didn't lust after her either. That always weirded me out a little. I really loved the rest of it when Bella is finally the one who gets to be the "super hero". Maybe I'm a nut but I really liked it. I was completely happy with the finality of it all. I really loved when Bella was able to allow Edward to hear her thoughts. That was one of my favorite parts and a perfect way to end the my opinion! So, there is my opinion of the book. I couldn't have been happier...I like when everyone gets a "happily ever after"!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Daddy daughter time

Sariah sure loves her daddy. On Sunday she was brought to me after crying herself silly in nursery and as soon as she was safe in my arms she asked for "daddy". It was so cute that I almost cried. I was okay for the moment but it was daddy that she really wanted. When James comes home she can't get to him fast enough. The other night I came down and saw the two of them snuggled up listening to music on the computer. James was standing up, swaying back and forth to the music and Sariah was about as content as can be. They did this some more and I finally decided to get a picture. I missed her little hand, but last night James was doing little pats on her back and she was doing the same to his shoulder. It was priceless. I love to see the bonding going on between Daddy and his little girl.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thought I'd give it a shot!

Here are the rules:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! If you don't have a google ID you can post a comment and click anonymous as your identity -- just make sure to sign your name so I know who you are!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.It should be funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you (or if you don't have a blog I will e-mail you my memory!).

Something funny!

I guess in all my craziness of liking Twilight it has rubbed off on a few of my kids...funny thing it's not the ones you might think. Sariah comes in everytime I'm on the computer and asks me to show her the teaser trailers I have on the blog. She sits through them all telling me "wa" and then say "yikes" and "wow" through them all. James thinks it's funny and even does it with her too. I laughed at the idea that she's my youngest but most vocal about her likes and dislike on occasion. Funny little girl!

Some funny info

I just thought about how it would be fun to put some things about James and I's dating and engagment...seeing as the combination of it is about a year long!
1. James and I met the summer before my senior year and I thought he was a geek!
2. James asked me to marry him while on his mission...funny story there.
3. I really liked James as a missionary (nothing more) because of the relationship he had with my family and was really sad when he left because I didn't think I'd ever see him again.
4. James and I's first date was to see a Batman movie at the theatre his friend Bean worked at and we were the only ones in the was kind of fun. No it wasn't our first kiss!
5. The first time James came to my apartment in Rexburg I almost hyperventilated...he was so HOT and I had that overwhelming feeling of what the future had in store for us.
6. After dating for just a little while I broke up with James because I didn't feel ready for the feelings I had for him.
7. James took me on a date with friends to the ice caves and I bashed my head really hard but wouldn't tell him...I finally did and he was able to see the crusted blood in the top of my hair since he's so much taller than I am...only about 8-9 inches!
8. James and I got engaged on Nov 10th and were engaged for a LONG 7 months...don't do it!!!
9. James didn't like when I decorated his truck for valentines day.
10. I didn't eat in front of James for a long time...even after we were engaged. I would go 12 hours sometimes without food just because we were together for that long.
11. James worked at Subway and constantly had girls hitting on him...he had one girl order all the time for him to deliver and she grabbed his bummy on one of those deliveries! We joked about having me come along after that!
12. I stayed up with him to 2-3 in the morning braiding his hair for a trip to Max Inn with his friends.
13. I volunteered James to go with my roommate to her El. Ed. dance class (STUPID!!!) where she told everyone that James was her boyfriend because they all thought he was so hot. That didn't go over too well with me, especially when she told James that.
There are plenty more stories but I just thought it would be fun to reminisce for a minute or two. Hope you don't mind!

First day of school!

Well, well, well!!! School is finally here and there are 3 off and running. The house is a little too quiet for me these days. James stole the camera and still hasn't given it back so I can't post their first day pictures yet. I figured it was fitting enough to do a baby picture of each because that's how I still have them in the mind anyways. I'm not sure exactly who these other "bigger" kids think they are. Anyways...Jarom is in Kindergarten which is now down the road from the other school. He was so cute on his first day telling me that he was a little nervous. I'm guessing the nerves wore off because I let them ride the bus home and he came running off the bus with a huge smile and told me that it was the best day ever!!! Tank and Ana enjoyed their first days just about as much. Tank has a bearded lizard in his class and that's really the most important thing about 4th grade at the moment. Ana is just excited to be there and doesn't talk much unless we pry it out of her (she's kind of like her dad!) They are loving it!
Beka and Sariah I think are enjoying having the big kids gone. Yesterday we made cinnamon rolls and painted fingers and toes together. What a treat! I started walking with my next door neighbor which is always fun to do. I'm really excited about the coming school year and I have a feeling it's going to be a great one!!!

I love James!!!

Well...I finally learned how to scan photos into the computer and am finally ready to do our anniversary post...just a little late!!! James and I just had our 10th anniversary back on June 18. It has been a lot of fun along the way. We have had our ups and downs and I'm so grateful that the downs have made the ups even better. So...I decided that I would copy Dave a little and put 10 things that I love about James. I don't think he gets to hear them enough and so I want it here so he can look at it whenever he wants.
1. James is an absolutely amazing dad. On Sunday when they came to get me because Sariah wouldn't quit crying in Nursery, she looked at me through her red swollen face and asked for "daddy". She loves her dad and she's not the only one!
2. He is a wonderful husband. James has always made tremendous sacrifices for our family to make sure that we always have the things we need.
3. He is Airman Hoopes...many fellow soldiers look up to him for his strength and admire the person that he is. He never compromises his standards for anything. I am proud of my soldier!
4. He is an amazing artist. I don't have his talent and it baffles me everytime I see him sit down and sketch a little sketch for fun. It always looks good and it would take me a lifetime to get half as good as him.
5. He is always looking for new ways to improve himself and learn. He is like his mother...always trying to learn more and never giving up.
6. He's a good kisser...oops did I just put that here?!
7. He is a good looking guy that is humble...he doesn't know how many girls I catch checking him out or that didn't like me when we first got married. I had a few enemies at Wal-Mart that I would find hanging all over him when I would go in there to meet him sometimes...he is oblivious!
8. He is great when it comes to learning the new languages and doesn't give up. He is always trying new things to get better and I admire his strength.
9. He makes darn good looking kids. Everyone says they look like him so he really does need to take the credit for their cuteness!
10. The thing I love the most about James is that he loves me and our family and we get to be together FOREVER!!! There's no one else that I would rather spend all eternity with. I love you James!!!