Thursday, August 7, 2008

Something funny!

I guess in all my craziness of liking Twilight it has rubbed off on a few of my kids...funny thing it's not the ones you might think. Sariah comes in everytime I'm on the computer and asks me to show her the teaser trailers I have on the blog. She sits through them all telling me "wa" and then say "yikes" and "wow" through them all. James thinks it's funny and even does it with her too. I laughed at the idea that she's my youngest but most vocal about her likes and dislike on occasion. Funny little girl!


Stephen and Amanda said...

She sounds like a funny little character. Your kids have such fun personalities. They are all so cute. I love all your pictures and can't wait until you get their 1st day of school pics up.

Amy Lu said...

That is too funny. Erin I am dying to know what you are thinking about Breaking Dawn!! Have you read it? Whats the deal?