Monday, November 24, 2008

Not for the weak stomach peeps!

So I decided that I would blog to vent a little about my "miserable" life at the moment. On Nov. 4th I went in and had surgery done. I have had some lumps under my arms for about 12-13 years and they were getting bigger and more painful as time went on. I finally found a doctor that was willing to do something about it. They completely hacked up my under arms with huge 5-6 inch incisions to get it all out. They then put 6 inch drains underneath to prevent fluid build up and infections. We went in that friday to have them removed and life was good....or so I thought. It felt much better not having those in but still pretty painful with such huge slices under there. On Friday I noticed that under my right arm part of the incision was really red and hard as a rock underneath. Of course....infection is what I thought. I went in and the dr said it was a reaction to the sutures that are already fragmented under the skin so we couldn't do anything. He did slice a little tiny opening in the incision to take a swab to have checked just in case and got the surprise of his life. I felt a downpour of warm fluid down my side and immediately got worried. There was fluid built up and we didn't expect it. Oh goes on. He had me schedule to come in today so he could look at it before his vacation. Yesterday I went to the ER because the "hard as a rock" feeling was getting worse and spreading up to my neck region...freaked me out! When I took my shirt off at the ER something happened and I started gushing liquid again. They said there was nothing they could do and sent me on my way after a shot in the bum of some pain meds. (The picture was James idea of being "oh so cute" while I was at the ER). Today I went in to the doctor and was surprised yet again...will it ever end???? So, I have a little staph (sp?) infection on the skin where the incision is so I need to use a special soap for the next little while. He decided that he also needed to put a new drain in there to finish off the fluids that are trying to come out. So...without any kind of pain medicine or numbness he used a scissor like tweezer thingy to pull open the incision and push the drain in....OUCH!!!! I cried. Then he decided to numb me to do the stich to keep it in place but he didn't wait for it to take effect....numb right after the other....OUCH!!! I felt it all and it wasn't pleasant. I am trying to deal with another foreign object sticking out of me that is not fun. Life goes on...right?! So, I've been miserable and the worst part is feeling like the house and kids are being neglected. It's my right arm and so I'm a little disabled at the moment. I can't wait to be whole again and I'm sure my kids can't wait either. Thanks for reading my little rant...I hope I didn't gross anyone out too much. Trust least I didn't put pictures like James wanted me to!

I'm A Twerd as Carissa said ;) Friday night I went with a group of girls from the ward to see the much anticipated movie (at least for me)! Some of the girls had read all the books, some just the first, and others none at all but just wanted to go out with us. I kind of enjoyed the screaming girls because it just made it fun and carefree. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie. was totally cheesy in parts and low budget but I think that made me like it even more. There were so many parts of it that I loved and I can't wait to see it again. I wanted to go again before my family comes but I just have to wait til they get here and we go see it together. I'm actually hoping that they'll do something like combine some of the books for the movies to make them more exciting. New Moon could be boring with Edward gone for so much and Eclipse too. I think they should combine the two and add the wedding from BD and call it good. What do you think?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

All in due time!!!

I've had some people want me to post my thoughts on the movie once I've seen it and I will...when my head is a little clearer. I've had some complications arise from my surgery and so I'm in LOTS of pain and what not. I thought we were out of the woods but apparently I wanted to liven things up a bit and make my life miserable and more complicated than it already is. I will definitely post about it when I'm off the heavy drugs and thinking more clearly!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jarom the Great!

I had a parent teacher conference with Jarom's teacher yesterday and it was rather interesting. Jarom is doing EXTREMELY well in school but he likes to act like he's not. He is advanced in some of his skills already and perfectly normal in all the rest. If you ask little Armjo if he can read he will tell you NO without a second thought, all he can do is sound out the words. His teacher says otherwise (and I already knew). He will sit down and read all the books his teacher sends home to read and doesn't think he's reading. What a card. Starting in December they will rotate classes for reading to get students into better groups according to where they are at...Jarom will get to stay with his teacher who is taking the "advanced" kids. Way to go Armjo!!! Mr. Schwertfeger was Tanks kinder teacher and he actually asked Ms. Fairman how she got so lucky to get Jarom Hoopes in her class. He really loved having Tank and told her he was jealous that he didn't get to have Jarom. I was quite happy to hear that. We loved Mr. Schwertfeger and we love Ms. Fairman. I love you Jarom...keep up the good work even if you can't read!

Sweet Tank

The other day Tank came home from school and was so cute. They get the little book catalogues all the time for us to try and buy some books. My kids LOVE books and so it's hard to have to tell them that we can't buy books every time one of the 3 kids brings one home. So...the other day Tank comes in real excited about a book that he found and he wants to get it....for ME! He said, "Mom, there's this really cool book I wanna get for you. I'll pay for some of it and you can pay the rest. It's a Twilight book with lots of pictures and it even has a poster. I know you should have it so I'll pay for some and then you can do the rest." So darn cute. I love the way he thought of me and knows that I like it and was even willing to get it for me. It brought a tear to my eye that my son loves me so much. Thanks Tank for thinking of me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

That little Beks!

Funny little Beks-a-boo! While Teancum was trying to be "oh so reverent" saying prayers....she had something else in mind. I wanted to take a picture to post because it was so funny but it was a little incriminating and I was too darn embarrassed. So, Tank is praying for us and Beks is laughing waaaaaay too loud and talking to Jarom so of course I open my eyes to look at what she's doing. BIG MISTAKE!!! She took my bra that I had just taken off and put it over her eyes and was wanting everyone to look at her "new eyes". I seriously could not stop laughing. Kids...gotta love 'em!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The things we learn from our kids!

The other day I was getting frustrated about silly things because I was really tired and grouchy. I'm sure some of you know how that goes. So...I yelled at Ana for some goofy thing she was doing when it was totally unnecessary. I immediately felt bad for doing so and apologized. Here's how the conversation went....
Me: Ana, I'm really sorry I yelled at you.
Ana: It's okay.
Me: No, it's really not okay, because I love you too much and it's never okay for me to get mad and yell at you. Will you forgive me?
Ana: (without even thinking about it) Of course, Mom. I'll always forgive because you're my mom and I love you. That's what I'm supposed to do. I'll always forgive you and dad.

WOW!!! I cried of course because I was extremely touched by her generous forgiveness towards me after being so ugly. It's nice to know that our kids love us in spite of all our weaknesses. I guess it's just another proof about how much God loves his little children and that we should be more like them. If only all of us were as forgiving as they are and could love everyone. Thanks for showing me this lesson again Ana! I love you!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Tag

1. How many people are in your family? 7

2. When did you get married? June 18, 1998...10 whole years already....where did the time go?

3. Are your children boys or girls? boy, girl, boy, girl, girl!

4. What do you do for fun as a family? hang out, watch movies, play at the park, go to the aquarium...just be together!

5. Is your family complete, or are you planning on having more children? HMMM!!! How to answer that. No, we are not complete we don't think. We have talked about having more, however it's up to the Lord more so than it is our decision. My kids are hoping for us to have a little boy to even the score.

Let's see...I wanna tag Angela, Carissa, Amy R, Jessica, Stephenie, and Darla. I wonder who will actually play along. At least it's a short one. !

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's been a while!!!

Well, well, well!!! I thought I'd give a little update as to what our family has been up to lately. Last Tuesday I had my surgery and things went pretty well....painful...but good. My sweet neighbor watched the kids for me so that James could be there with me and it was nice. We had meals brought til Friday night which was nice. The pain meds I was on were good but I was good for nothing. They made me really dizzy and so whenever I got up...I went right back down. James was so sweet and would come home each day for lunch to make it for the girls and I and just to check that we were okay. He's such a babe! He took me to the doc. on Friday to get the drains taken out and those things were crazy! James described them as 6 inch pencils stuck in there. I must felt sooooo much better after they were out. So...Jarom got sick on Sat and it was great. He got to stay home with me on Sunday and so we had fun watching Scooby Doo together and then I took a nap while he played a video game. Tuesday the kids were off and so we went to buy a washer and dryer and do some other errands while dad tried to play catch-up on all the homework he missed out on while being mom and dad. He was so good to me...I can't even thank him enough. The house may not have been perfectly clean and all that, but I knew the kids were fed and safe and I could rest easy. So, yesterday I was feeling good so I cleaned the entire downstairs...including the carpets! Yeah!!! Today I rearranged all the rooms upstairs and I am sooooo ready for bed. I guess that covers most of our not so fun week and a half....I best go read scriptures with the kids and get them into bed so I can do the same!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

6 Unspectacular Quirks.

I was tagged by my cousin Carissa. The rules are, write down 6 quirks then tag 6 more people.

1. I can't stand to have clutter. Even though I do have drives me absolutely insane!

2. I really like the Twilight Series and can't wait til the movie comes out.

3. I write lists. I will sometimes rewrite some of my lists 5 times...but they get done!

4. I hate bad drivers! I freak out when I drive with other people because I'm paranoid.

5. I like good deals and sometimes buy unnecessary things just because I got such a good deal on them.

6. I don't like to make really ticks people off, but I hate it. I can't stand the idea of making someone mad or go against others and so I like to take a back seat and not be the one to make the decisions.

I'm not very good with this tag stuff because I've never done it let's see. I'll try Lacee, Morgen, Linda, Corianne, Amy R., and Manda!

Lots to do!

I am a little sad that Keile took Ammon to stay with her mom over the weekend and so we aren't watching him anymore. It was only a week early but he will be missed. I hope she does well on her DLPT and that Ammon has fun with Grandma and cousins. Well, Sariah is adjusting better to no "bink" and we're getting over a cold which is no fun. Beka is getting to the end of hers too and so it will be nice to have healthy kids once more! Jarom got sick Sat morning but he's back at it and seems to be doing super! Ana and Tank are just going strong! Today I have lots to do to prepare for surgery tomorrow. I like to clean on Monday anyways, but knowing that it HAS to be done makes it harder to want to do. So, I guess I better get a move on cleaning and getting all the groceries done for a least a week! YEAH! Hopefully it will all go well and the recovery will be a snap!