Monday, May 31, 2010

What have we been up to?

Sariah took a picture of me and Abraham...he's a cutie!!!

All the kids just before going to church. We're sending some pictures to daddy!

Little Abraham sitting in the little chair that the kids think is just perfect for him.

Keeping an eye on things.

Little man sitting on the couch for his photo shoot with the girls. is out and the kids couldn't be more excited! They are all in love with their little brother and constantly fight over who gets to hold him. They are so cute about it. We have been having fun doing things like making cards for daddy's birthday and father's day, making treats with thank you notes for all the wonderful people that have been helping us, and watching Gilligan's Island. My kids are crazy and that's all they ever want to watch!

We had a great time with Kristi and her family coming to visit us and we're excited to go down there for a week or so in just a little bit. We have so much going on this summer that we are so excited about. Tank has his birthday next week and Springville's Art City Days are always fun for the kids. Grandma just moved up here so we get to spend time with her before we move, which is so exciting. We are moving out of our house just in time for the Hoopes family reunion, I'll go to James graduation in GA and bring him home just in time for us to leave to Ft Hood in Texas. It's gonna be a fun adventure and I hope that we really end up enjoying it!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


What more can be said? This little man is something else. He wasn't paying attention and walked into the corner of the brick wall outside of Walmart last night. Vonnie was so sweet an met us down at the instacare to sit with him while he got stitched up so that I could take care of the other 5 kids. I'm so glad I have such a great mother-in-law who doesn't have a weak stomach like I do. Hopefully we'll be more careful and watch where we're walking....this is Jarom after all though.


One of my worst fears. No mother ever wants to see their baby in the hospital when they're only a week old. Seriously!!!! Well, Sariah had jaundice and so I knew what to look for. Little man Abraham was starting to look a little yellow but then started to get better. He wasn't really lethargic or anything and was having plenty of wet and messy diapers. Last Friday I looked at him and realized that he was all but glowing yellow...literally over night this happened. I took him to the pediatrician and he decided to be safe and have him checked but reassured me that he wasn't too concerned. Well...a couple hours later when the results came back he called and told me to take him to the hospital immediately because he was at 23.2 and needed an IV and lights immediately to avoid serious problems....HOLY CRAP!!!! I was really terrified and didn't want to deal with this right now and especially with James gone...I know....I'm a big baby! It was one of the worst nights of my life as I watched them put an IV in his tiny little hand and lay under the lights where all I could do was watch and pray. His numbers were down to 12 the next morning and so we got to go home. When I went to his Dr on Monday he apologized for the hospital stay because he really didn't expect it to be that bad. He figured we would just need the at home lights and no big deal. He felt horrible that it was much worse than he had expected. Oh well. I have to take him back in tomorrow because his numbers are still rising but at a much slower rate. I pray for the day that it's over...will tomorrow be the lucky day?

Abraham Robert Hoopes

Cute little man takes the binky very seriously...gotta hold that sucker in!

He just can't watch any more of the nonsense with the other 5 siblings!

The kids love to hold him and bug him too!

Moments after he was born and the nurse showed him off while he was whining to us all.

Talking to dad on the phone within the first 20 minutes or so of entering this life. Even though dad couldn't be here, he still wanted to talk to him.

So...Abraham Robert Hoopes was born on April 29, 2010 at 6 pm on the dot. He was 7lb 7oz and 20 inches long (with the cone head). He was one of the longest labors I've had, who would've thought being number 6. Well, we got there in the morning and they got everything started. My doctor came in and by 7:40 my water was broken, PIT started and all the fetal monitors in place. Brittany, the most awesome nurse ever, really believed that this baby was gonna come lickety split...we all did but he fooled us. I progressed slower than molasses and after a while there were some concerns because of some fetal stress. At one point a different nurse came in and had me really scared that there were going to be some problems if I didn't progress any faster. They kept turning the PIT down and then up again because of his heart rate and even put me on oxygen. I spent most of the day on one side because his heart rate was better that way, even though it started to get extremely painful for me. The things we do for these kids before they even get here! Dr came back to check and noticed that he wasn't coming down because he was turned the wrong way. He wasn't completely posterior but he was partially and it was making it so that he wasn't coming down like he should. Dr. Gourley moved him so that he was facing the right way and we were all hoping for some good progress now. NO!!!! It didn't happen right away but things did get a little better even though the contractions started slowing down. It was just crazy. Finally, Abraham's heart rate was dropping enough that they took me off the PIT completely and so the contractions all but stopped....SERIOUSLY!!!!! It was insane. We were just waiting for Dr to come back from surgery to decided where to go from there. I finally made it to an 8 and he was coming down a lot more. Thank goodness!!!! Well...Dr. Gourley came in at 5:50 and worked his magic. He had to turn him some more to get him in the right position and TA-DA!!!! Obviously it didn't take long since it was only 10 minutes later that he was born. He was such a little stinker but we love him to death! We're so excited that he's finally here and adding so much joy to the rest of the family!