Monday, May 31, 2010

What have we been up to?

Sariah took a picture of me and Abraham...he's a cutie!!!

All the kids just before going to church. We're sending some pictures to daddy!

Little Abraham sitting in the little chair that the kids think is just perfect for him.

Keeping an eye on things.

Little man sitting on the couch for his photo shoot with the girls. is out and the kids couldn't be more excited! They are all in love with their little brother and constantly fight over who gets to hold him. They are so cute about it. We have been having fun doing things like making cards for daddy's birthday and father's day, making treats with thank you notes for all the wonderful people that have been helping us, and watching Gilligan's Island. My kids are crazy and that's all they ever want to watch!

We had a great time with Kristi and her family coming to visit us and we're excited to go down there for a week or so in just a little bit. We have so much going on this summer that we are so excited about. Tank has his birthday next week and Springville's Art City Days are always fun for the kids. Grandma just moved up here so we get to spend time with her before we move, which is so exciting. We are moving out of our house just in time for the Hoopes family reunion, I'll go to James graduation in GA and bring him home just in time for us to leave to Ft Hood in Texas. It's gonna be a fun adventure and I hope that we really end up enjoying it!!!!


Ang said...

He is so cute Erin! What darling kids all ready for church! James will love it! Good luck with your new adventure!

Our Family of Six said...

Abraham is a cutie and you are a hottie!! You've got a lot going on! Are you driving to CA from UT to see Kristi? If so, you're welcome to stay with us. We're a good half way point.

Jardine Family said...

Erin, you are an amazing Momma! What a cute bunch of kids too!