Friday, May 14, 2010


One of my worst fears. No mother ever wants to see their baby in the hospital when they're only a week old. Seriously!!!! Well, Sariah had jaundice and so I knew what to look for. Little man Abraham was starting to look a little yellow but then started to get better. He wasn't really lethargic or anything and was having plenty of wet and messy diapers. Last Friday I looked at him and realized that he was all but glowing yellow...literally over night this happened. I took him to the pediatrician and he decided to be safe and have him checked but reassured me that he wasn't too concerned. Well...a couple hours later when the results came back he called and told me to take him to the hospital immediately because he was at 23.2 and needed an IV and lights immediately to avoid serious problems....HOLY CRAP!!!! I was really terrified and didn't want to deal with this right now and especially with James gone...I know....I'm a big baby! It was one of the worst nights of my life as I watched them put an IV in his tiny little hand and lay under the lights where all I could do was watch and pray. His numbers were down to 12 the next morning and so we got to go home. When I went to his Dr on Monday he apologized for the hospital stay because he really didn't expect it to be that bad. He figured we would just need the at home lights and no big deal. He felt horrible that it was much worse than he had expected. Oh well. I have to take him back in tomorrow because his numbers are still rising but at a much slower rate. I pray for the day that it's over...will tomorrow be the lucky day?

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Our Family of Six said...

Our oldest had to use the 'light bed' at home too (after a very nerve racking overnight stay at the hospital). Poor little guys.