Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life with a deployed hubby

Unless you've been through one, you really can't understand what it's really like. I have been contemplating this a couple of days now as things have been tough...but good. Just the other day I had one of THOSE days that makes you almost want to give up and just quit, but I've been trying really hard all week to turn over a new leaf and just be super positive about everything. So far so good. I even laughed myself silly the other night when I finally got to go to bed at 1:30 in the morning. Let me tell you how that day went.....
I get up at about 6:20 and start getting kids ready for school. Got everyone ready and dropped off perfectly and got ready to go on my walk with my neighbor. We went on our walk and I came home and started my extra exercise on the treadmill. It was about 9 at this point and I was half way through when the phone rings, it's the school. I need to go pick up Ana because she has lice...yep lice! I was shocked!!!! I grabbed Abe and headed to the school. I took all the kids out for the day so we could just get it all done and I could check them all and do what I needed to do. She comes home and wants a shower so while she does that we start tearing apart beds and bagging stuffed animals.....WOW! I run to the store with the little ones to get the shampoo and we get that done as soon as I get home. I check everyone and it's just Ana, not even little Sariah who shares a bed with her.....not sure how we got lucky, but I'll take it. Ana has a TON of hair and so it took a long time to comb through to get everything and by this time it's almost 3. I get a phone call again from the school, I forgot to pick up the boys that come home with me tues and's thurs....AAAAGGGGHHHHHH! I jump in the car to get them and come home to do some haircuts, felt like a good time since the boys all needed them and the two little girls wanted them. 5 kids later it's now 5 and some friends come over to check on my car to see why the check engine light came on again. They leave and it's about 6 so I hurry and shampoo the rest of the kids just to be safe. We fold and put away the laundry so it's not all over the place anymore. Well....Abe falls and hits the back of his head while getting out of the shower, Beka falls in the tub when she's getting out and hits her back on the spout....and it left a mark!!!! She screams and the poor thing cried for hours, it looked painful. At this point poor little Jarom comes in in tears because this day just can't get any worse. I burst out in laughter because as right as he was, I realize he was totally wrong at the same time. Life is good. Ana was so nervous and scared about her problem that she didn't fall asleep til 1 in the morning. What a day!!!!! crazy as just this one day was, it really wasn't bad because I have SOOO much to be grateful for. I really feel the blessings and love of my Heavenly Father each and every day through these hard times of James being gone. It's hard to hear other people getting their husbands home for r&r when James doesn't get to come home. It's hard to hear people complain that their husband comes home too late at night and they just wish they had a maid or a nanny to help. It's hard to hear our President tell the world that the troops are coming home and should be home for the holidays this year, because they won't. As hard as all of this is, I really am so blessed and so happy to have such a wonderful husband who works so hard for our family. I love my 6 beautiful children that help keep me going each and every day. I have made some of the most amazing friends here who help me with it all. I really couldn't ask for anything is too good!