Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweet Tank

The other day Tank came home from school and was so cute. They get the little book catalogues all the time for us to try and buy some books. My kids LOVE books and so it's hard to have to tell them that we can't buy books every time one of the 3 kids brings one home. So...the other day Tank comes in real excited about a book that he found and he wants to get it....for ME! He said, "Mom, there's this really cool book I wanna get for you. I'll pay for some of it and you can pay the rest. It's a Twilight book with lots of pictures and it even has a poster. I know you should have it so I'll pay for some and then you can do the rest." So darn cute. I love the way he thought of me and knows that I like it and was even willing to get it for me. It brought a tear to my eye that my son loves me so much. Thanks Tank for thinking of me!


Ang said...

How cute is that?!!! I hope you get that Twilight book and love it!!!

Vonnie said...

Way to go Teancum. Thinking of others always earns brownie points or extra stars on your chart. You are the best in my book!