Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some funny info

I just thought about how it would be fun to put some things about James and I's dating and engagment...seeing as the combination of it is about a year long!
1. James and I met the summer before my senior year and I thought he was a geek!
2. James asked me to marry him while on his mission...funny story there.
3. I really liked James as a missionary (nothing more) because of the relationship he had with my family and was really sad when he left because I didn't think I'd ever see him again.
4. James and I's first date was to see a Batman movie at the theatre his friend Bean worked at and we were the only ones in the was kind of fun. No it wasn't our first kiss!
5. The first time James came to my apartment in Rexburg I almost hyperventilated...he was so HOT and I had that overwhelming feeling of what the future had in store for us.
6. After dating for just a little while I broke up with James because I didn't feel ready for the feelings I had for him.
7. James took me on a date with friends to the ice caves and I bashed my head really hard but wouldn't tell him...I finally did and he was able to see the crusted blood in the top of my hair since he's so much taller than I am...only about 8-9 inches!
8. James and I got engaged on Nov 10th and were engaged for a LONG 7 months...don't do it!!!
9. James didn't like when I decorated his truck for valentines day.
10. I didn't eat in front of James for a long time...even after we were engaged. I would go 12 hours sometimes without food just because we were together for that long.
11. James worked at Subway and constantly had girls hitting on him...he had one girl order all the time for him to deliver and she grabbed his bummy on one of those deliveries! We joked about having me come along after that!
12. I stayed up with him to 2-3 in the morning braiding his hair for a trip to Max Inn with his friends.
13. I volunteered James to go with my roommate to her El. Ed. dance class (STUPID!!!) where she told everyone that James was her boyfriend because they all thought he was so hot. That didn't go over too well with me, especially when she told James that.
There are plenty more stories but I just thought it would be fun to reminisce for a minute or two. Hope you don't mind!


Stephen and Amanda said...

That's so fun. Isn't funny the situations that happen when your dating. Then to look back on them 10 years later I can't even imagine what you think of them now. You must just laugh at them, when some of them at the time seemed like such situations. Oh, the things we experience in life. It's so much fun. :)

Ang said...

Look how cute and young you guys are! It does seem like such a long time ago!

Erin said...

Yes Mand, the situations that seem so huge really are fun to laugh at 10 years down the road. It's awesome. How long has it been for you Ang...14 years? It's good stuff!