Monday, September 6, 2010


Tank has a hard time remembering to put on deodorant and James thinks it's hilarious how he puts it he took a picture. MEN!!!! What can I say?

The other picture is of our little house. All the houses at Ft Hood are duplexes....I have yet to see one that isn't. It's kinda crazy but at least for us the only connection to the house next door is the garage. Makes me a little bit less nervous for our loud crazy kids. One of these days I might take pictures of the inside...maybe!


Our Family of Six said...

LOL! Ethan has started wearing deoderant just because some of his friends are wearing it. Silly!

Vonnie said...

I didn't notice you were attached to your neighbor. Less grass to mow without that strip between you & the other. We have a house ten feet away from our garage in the process of being built. Not quite a duplex, but almost.