Monday, January 26, 2009

It's been a while!!!

No pictures again this time...boring!!!'s been a busy little while. James has been going absolutely crazy trying to study Arabic into the wee hours of the morning and still not passing any tests...I'm sure it will get better soon...I have faith in him. He is being an awesome dad who always takes time to hang out and play with the family. We have been going on walks each Saturday and James taught Jarom to ride his bike....YIPEE!!!

I've been planning the Valentine's activity, cooking for the missionaries, taking care of 5 crazy kids and exercising like mad!!! I've been trying really hard to get over my bad attitude and so I walk every day about 2-3 miles and every other day lift weights and do pilates. Hopefully it will pay off and I'll start to lose some pounds and feel better about myself...all in due time...patience!!! I've been enjoying hanging out with good friends and going to the movies and shopping with them!!! Life is great!!!

Tank is plugging along in school and loving scouts. He is really sad however that his leaders are moving...stanky!!! I'm sure we'll get another set of good ones. He is enjoying reading Harry Potter and playing outside with his siblings. He is one of the best big brothers I think a kid could ask for!!!

Ana is just being as cute as can be. She really loves to do her hair as well as Beka and Sariahs...and they are sooooo cute! She loves to read her Junie B. Jones books and sleep in the queen size bed that's in her room. She loves HSM and is always asking to buy more and more of it.

Jarom learned to ride his bike and he's only took a scraped knee and crying for so long that he had snot running down his nose and puffy eyes...but hey...he can ride now!!! He is really happy that he he can keep up with Tank and Ana and doesn't have to "walk" on our walks anymore. He is loving school and can finally "read". He's been telling me he can't read, he can only sounds out the words...but now he can read! He's a funny one that little Armjo!

Beka is our singing and dancing diva! If she's awake her feet are moving and so is her little (big) mouth. If you live within a 10 mile radius you can probably here her because she sings very loudly. She even sings in the store. I admit....I tried to get her to stop and be quiet until I realized that she's only 3 and I DO NOT want to squash any of her creative style. So Beka...belt it out baby!!!

Sariah is just a scream...and speaking of scream...she does all day long! Whether it's out of anger or just for fun...she likes to be heard. She is talking a little more but it's only one word at a time and everything now is "felf" for self. She's little miss independent!!! She loves to eat yogurt and will open 2-3 in a 15 minute time period and only eat 1/2 each...craziness!!!

I love my kids and couldn't imagine life with out them!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to this awesome new year...I know I am!!! I'll try to get some pictures up since I know I have some cute ones from our trip to SD for New Years. I have one of my grandma with all my kids and my little brother!!! Yeah!!!


Morgen said...

most of my posts nowadays don't have pictures...does that mean you think I am boring?:)
thanx for the update, and good for you for exersizing...I am waiting for winter to be over so I can start walking.

Erin said...

no...i don't thin their boring...that's why i'm trying to be just like you. You're so dang cool!!!

Morgen said...

why thank you! its really nice when people take the time to acknowledge just how cool I really am.:)

Ang said...

Glad you're back. I'd love to see some pictures! You do have a great family! Poor James. That's gotta be so tough! Good job excercising. It does feel so good to take care of YOU!!! Your kids are so cute. It's so fun to have a big family because the kids learn how to take care of each other. I love it!!!!

Morgen said...

We are going to be in that condo for sure from feb 14th thru march 14th...after that it will depend on how the house hunt has gone.Before we move I will email you my cell phone number (I don't know how often I will be able to get to a computer) and you can call when you are here and we can find a time to hook up.
where is his sister getting married?

Jardine Family said...

So why does James need to know Arabic? I guess I missed that info somewhere...?
That's AWESOME that you're doing so great at being healthy and exercising! I wish we lived closer so that we could motivate each other and work out together!
Keep it up!=)

Amy said...

Cute! Cute!

JamesandBeckyJackson said...

You should have Tank also read Fablehaven they are super good and kinda like HP!

Erin said...

Becky!!! Can I be invited to your blog? I would love to see the lovely Rexburg peeps and know what they're up to. I'm missing Rexburg at the moment...I know...kinda strange!

Carissa J said...

That's awesome that you've been exercising. I need to be more consistent like you. I go for a week and then stop. Keep up the good work and it will pay off! Sounds like everyone is doing great. Good luck to James. Arabic is a hard language so my hat's off to him!

Corianne said...

Erin i don't know what you are talking about you are a super model!!! And you are a great mom as well. Evidence=your super cute happy family!