Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We had an amazing lesson in RS on Sunday and so I decided that there was something that I needed to do. I have so much to be grateful for and so I decided to share.
1. Good health for all in my family...I will never take it for granted again!
2. My family...James, Teancum, Ana, Jarom, Rebekah, and Sariah...they are my life and I love them so much.
3. My extended family...Mom, Dad, Craig, Cristina, Kristi, Jonathon, Erik, and all their kids...I don't know what I would do without their love and support. They are always there for me and I know that they love me no matter what!
4. My in-laws...Bill, Vonnie, Jen, Dave, Amanda, Stephen, Austin, Julianne, Robby, Amy, Eric, and all their kids. They raised a wonderful son that I love with all my heart. They love to get together and always have so much fun. They've introduced to me to lots of new things and I love it!!!
5. My body...kinda goofy but I am. It's not perfect and it doesn't look the way I want it to, but I'm grateful that I have one and that I can work hard to make improvements. I have been working hard and I like the things that have changed and I like the way I feel.
6. The gospel...I love the knowledge that I have and the things that I continue to learn. I enjoy going to church and being uplifted by those around me who are so smart and wonderful. I'm grateful for the things that it's helped me with in my life because of the knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me!
7. Music....I love music and the impact it has on us. My kids love music and always want to sing and dance. I love the music we get to enjoy when we go to church and the music that we can enjoy in our home.
8. Friends...I won't even try to write all the names because I know I'll forget. We have been blessed with some of the best friends anyone could ask for. They have been there for us through everything and I am so happy.
9.'s crazy to say but I am. It is a steady income and a reliable job right now and what more can you ask for? James loves to learn and he does well at learning the languages. The family enjoys being in Monterey, CA. We love our house and our neighborhood and all that there is to offer.
10. My Savior! I am so grateful that he was willing to give His life for me so that through all my imperfections I can repent and strive to be more like Him. I am grateful to know that I can live with Him again after I have done all I can here on this earth. I am grateful to know that James and I can be together for all eternity and pray that our children will do the same. I love my Savior and pray that I can strive to live worthy of being with He and our Heavenly Father again.


Ang said...

Beautiful testimony. It's great to take the time to list your blessings, and it is something your posterity will appreciate. I also think it's great that you listed your body. I doubt anyone feels their body is perfect, but I love that you said you can work to improve but that you are grateful for it. AWESOME!

Ang said...

Okay, super small world. I noticed on your blog list a title that I had just read of one of my friends....Linda Gibbs. I finally realize that we have a friend in common. How do you know her? That is so awesome! Anyway, hope you're having a great day!!!

Jardine Family said...

Good post! It's so nice to think about all the things we're thankful for and sometimes forget that we'er thankful for.
You've got such a great attitude. I love ya Erin.

Dasha said...

thanks for the wonderful reminder of all our blessings. that was great to read. oh and looking at earlier pictures i can see your hard work is paying off. with the whole body thing i have to remind myself that it is was brought my kids to the world and when you think of that, it's awesome!

Carissa J said...

That's awesome. I need to try and have more gratitude, too. I tend to complain, especially with how bad the world seems right now, but there is always room for gratitude!