Saturday, January 23, 2010

My 4 year old....oh my!

So, the other day we were going to pick up Teancum from school to go and do some work on his science project with dad at his school. Sariah asked if she could sit next to Beka and I said sure, I didn't see any problem with it. Apparently beka did and so we had a melt down but we had already started driving and it was too late. Beka keeps telling me that she doesn't like Sariah sitting next to her because she's annoying and she doesn't like her. I tried to be nice and tell her that she shouldn't say things like that. Next thing I hear the cutest little "Mom, in case you didn't hear me, I don't like Sariah!" I had to do everything I could not to laugh.

This morning I asked the girls to go and clean up my little office area since they made a huge mess of it. Of course they didn't do it yet because I wasn't sitting right on them. I asked them if it was clean and with out even the slightest hesitation Beka looks up "uh...not so much!" I died. It's just hilarious the way she says stuff to us sometimes that just slays me. So, she gets embarrassed and starts jumping on James back. I told her to stop because it was getting annoying but she didn't want to so I said to get off dad because it was getting awkward. Immediately she looks up at me and says "well then don't look anymore!" I swear!!!!!! I love my kids and the funny stuff they say sometimes!


Corianne said...

Kids are so funny! I think the younger ones pick up phrases and sayings from the older ones. It sounds so funny coming from such little mouths! :0)

Nicole said...

LOL You have the sweetest kids. I love the things our kids say too.