Thursday, September 4, 2008

Visiting Teaching

I feel so blessed!!! I got my visiting teaching route and didn't know anyone that I am supposed to visit or my partner. I was so excited to finally make the call to ask when we could go. On Tuesday I got the privilege of meeting 2 of the sisters we visit...AWESOME ladies!!! One of the girls just really left me feeling so lucky to be able to associate with her. She told my partner that she had a miscarriage back in June, and a week later her daughter went to the hospital with pneumonia and was there for a little while. I was able to look at her blog the next day and that's when I was really overcome by her strength and testimony. Amid all of these things going on she actually said that she was grateful that it had happened to her and not someone else....WOW!!! She continued to talk about how she is so blessed and has so much to be happy for that she focuses on that. She talked about all the wonderful people she has in her life to help her. I loved when she shared about her wonderful husband who gave her a shoulder to cry on and would tell her that tomorrow was another day and it would only get better. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I feel so humble and blessed to be visiting with someone so wonderful. Looking at her it made me stop and think about all the times that I complain about my little trials in life. I know that we all have our own trials to deal with and that we shouldn't compare. That is something that I am working on, but I will always try to remember her strength through her trials and be better at my own. I was even lucky enough to have her watch my kids and I had never seen them so happy when I come to pick them up. They were so happy to be with her and her beautiful little girl and I just feel so blessed. So, thank you to this wonderful person who has touched my life so greatly. I will always love and appreciate you for the amazing person that you are!


Amy Lu said...

I am so jealous. I have been thinking for the last 3 weeks how much I wish I had a route or someone to visit me. I think this is such a great missionary tool and I just hope my ward gets on the ball soon. It sounds like you are very blessed with a great women.

jenjen said...

What a great testimony of Visiting Teaching. I hope this motivates you to get it done every month. I think my relationship improves with the sisters I teach if I am good at getting to visit them at the beginning of the month rather than the end. It sounds like this one could be a life long friend.