Saturday, November 7, 2009


I did not take ONE picture of my kids in their halloween costumes all 3 times that they put them on for different activities. lame of a mother am I? Don't answer that! HAHAHA!!!! We had tons of fun these past couple of weeks. Sometime mid Oct. I got pretty sick with a nasty sore throat for a few days and then BAM....I was out!!! I had no idea what it was but I just felt miserable and the next Tank got it too and stayed home from school for almost an entire week. So...turns out the nurse I talked to just said that we had the swine flu...go figure! I had no idea but I also new that I was pregnant and so I knew that it would be a little longer recovery because of that. So...we got all better and had some fun times. We spent a day in SLC and then at Austin and Julianne's house with pizza and the younger kids went to the trunk-or-treat with Austin. The week before we went to Gma and Gpa's wards halloween activity and had tons of fun. Halloween was a fun party at Austin and Julianne's place with good chili and cornbread and some trick or treating fun. The kids are so fun to watch! I finally went to the doctor on the 4th and got a due date...May 6, 2010 is when baby #6 will be joining us. We are so excited and a little nervous too. At this point James will be in training learning how to be a good bullet sponge for the Army. I've never given birth without my man right beside me to hold my hand and so this could be a very interesting experience. Until that time...we're just so excited and loving every moment that we have together! I'm looking forward to an awesome month of November and remembering to give thanks each day for all the blessing that I have!


Amy said...

Swine Flu?? Glad you are better. Yay for May! My eyes popped when I read "2010." Isn't it crazy that it is almost 2010?? Sorry your hubby won't be there with you. You are an excellent mom and I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see baby #6!!

Ang said...

Congrats.....I didn't know you were pregnant again! If it makes you feel any better I didn't take any pictures either of halloween '09. Oh well! There's always next year!

Corianne said...

Hate it when moms get sick! I was wiped out for several days, still not 100% Ceanna was out for about a week. Nasty things going around this year! Congrats on #6! You're amazing!