Tuesday, April 20, 2010

....and he's off!

Well...well...well...the long awaited time has come and James is starting his official full time Army. We started off our family time last night with some good old Cafe Rio. James remembered his card and so we were able to get 2 salads, a smothered burrito and drink for $16.16! That's impressive for feeding a family of 7 if you ask me. He finished getting all his stuff ready and we got everyone to bed. This morning we woke up and took the kids to school and he stopped off to see his mom. We got his bag in the car and hurried over to the bank where we were meeting with the couple that bought the van only to remember that James forgot the money on top of the t.v! So...I drove back to the house with the girls crying for daddy most of the way and got the money. We were running late at this point and rushed as fast as we could to pick up the kids. James had to be to the recruiting office at 1:00 so he could drive to SLC to get his medical records, go back to the office in Provo, and back to SLC for the evening. What a JOKE!!!!! We made it with just enough time to get the kids an ice cream and dad to give them a little parting gift. James has gotten really into coins these days and bought the girls a penny with the San Diego Temple on it and the boys a penny with the Liahona. It was very sweet! Of course then comes the good-byes....oh what a sight to see. 3 of the 5 kids were sobbing uncontrollably, the other 2 were crying and I was crying while trying to stay in control of it all. James had a few tears in his eyes as he hugged us all and watched us drive away. NOT COOL!!!! We went to get some gas and then to Target where I let the kids play in the toy section (which I rarely ever do). They were really good and so I even got them a happy hour from Sonic on our way home. It's gonna be a long 2 months but I know that we'll be able to make it as long as we rely on The Lord to help and guide us. Besides...things could be much worse and so I count my blessing each day and remind myself of just how stinkin' lucky I really am!!!!

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Jardine Family said...

Erin, You are amazing. I wish I lived closer so that I could help you out a little here and there and hang out with you too! You really are blessed to have such a loving family.My heart goes out to you!!Hang in there. HUGS!