Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun times!

So...we had a fun time in San Diego over our Spring Break although we left the camera in the car for the majority of it. Here's just a little bit of what we've been up to this month!

Friday (april 2)-mom went crazy cleaning and packing for our trip.
Saturday-headed out the door for good old California and got there about 7:30ish
Sunday-had a fabulous Easter with conference, easter baskets and egg hunting, and a lovely turkey dinner.
Monday-took Jarom and Beka to the dentist for teeth fixing and had Cafe Rio for dinner with all the fam (minus Erik b/c of work) and Brian and fun catching up and reminiscing the good old times!
Tuesday-spent some time at the beach where mom forgot to put on sunscreen...BURNED!!!!!
Wednesday-I think we just hung out most of the day and relaxed...I don't remember.
Thursday-went swimming and had carne asada at Craig and Cristina's that's good stuff! Got to see Robin and John and Brian and Melanie again. Sweetness!!!!!
Friday-Cleaned up the house a bit and got ready for Grandma and Grandpa to come with Robin and John....SOOOO much fun to see them all's been years!!!! John got in-n-out for everyone and then we went shopping for the reception food. Grandma, Cheryl, Jonell, her boyfriend, and Pam came for spaghetti dinner and it was one full house with lots of fun!
Saturday-rush to the temple for the sealing, take pictures, get some lunch, rush to the reception! WHEW!!!! It was so fun at the reception to see lots of old friends and catch up a little bit. Good times I tell ya!!!! Then, home to just relax and hang out with Grandma, Grandpa, Robin, and John a little more.
Sunday-headed back home to Utah with many unhappy kids...they love Cali as much as their mama does!
Monday-went out and bought a new Suburban for our little family. Got an awesome car at the right price and feel extremely blessed.
Tuesday-Dr. appt for mom.
Wednesday-Amnio scheduled and good! Didn't hurt hardly at all but no baby til James is gone (unless I miraculously go into labor on my own).
Thursday-No more work for James...honey do list actually got started!!!!
Friday-took the little girls and mom for a date to IHOP for breakfast, a little coin shop shopping, more honey do list jobs done and then on a date....Texas Roadhouse for dinner!
Saturday-cleaned house, sold the van, played at Grandma and Grandpa's house, had a great dinner!

Man...this month has been a little busy but it's been AWESOME!!!! Now...we just have to endure James leaving on Tuesday and a baby coming sometime after that! I feel so blessed that I just can't even tell you about it! I'm truly grateful for my family and how wonderful life can be!!!!!


kristi said...

Cute pictures. Where was the one of Sariah taken? I'll call you on Tuesday (I'm sure I'll call before then to, hehe.) I love you and I'll do whatever I can to help when James is gone--including coming up to help if you need me.

Ang said...

Very cute pictures! I can't believe James is leaving and he'll miss the baby......that really stinks. I am so sorry!