Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Jarom!

Today is Jarom's 6th birthday....yeah!!!! I thought I would do 6 fun things about Jarom so....

1. Jarom was a scary delivery. He had the cord around his next a couple of times and scared us a bit as he was being strangled all through labor. The Lord was mindful of us and I had the fastest labor and delivery for me. We're so glad to have Jarom with us!

2. Jarom got to fly on a plane to South Carolina for daddy's graduation from Basic Training and they missed our luggage on the way home...luckily his carseat came back. He loved the plane and everyone on the plane loved him...he got lots of extra treats from the flight attendants since it was a LONG trip. He wasn't quite a year old.

3. Jarom cried when he lost his first tooth. He didn't want any of his teeth to come out....he wanted to keep them all. He liked the money from the tooth fairy and decided it was okay.

4. Jarom had his toenail ripped off in a little mishap and had some fun at the hospital. The doctor had to rip it all the way off so it could grow back...YUCK!!!

5. Jarom is a spider monkey. If there is a surface of any kind he will climb it. He climbed up the door frame to our closet to get a game down...he climbed to the very top and then jumped.

6. Jarom is one of the sweetest boys. He has lots of energy but he is such a good student and loves to help everyone around him.

We love you Jarom and hope you have a happy happy day!!!


Jardine Family said...

Happy Birthday to Jarom!
Cute list of info about him!... well except for myabe #4! Ouch!

Ang said...

He's such a cute kid. I love 6 years old - it's the best age! Hope he had a fun birthday!

Carissa J said...

He's such a cutie! I hope he had a wonderful and happy birthday!