Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm boring again....no pictures yet!

This week has been a cuh-ray-zee one!!!! Okay...
Monday...started my work-out with my personal trainer and we did weights with cardio in between and I was sooooo sore but it was sooooo awesome.
Tuesday...did another work-out with Michelle and it kicked my trash. We did a cardio work-out and by 8:00 I crashed and wanted to die. She put my body into shock and it was a nice wake-up. I went to visit dear little Amy who is leaving us and I'm really sad. She has such a cute little family and have been so good to us!
Wednesday...I watched some kids whose dad is really sick and the mom needed some time to recoup. It was just two kids but I was tired by the end of the day. I did my personal training work-out on my own and it went really well...still sore...but getting better.
Thursday...crazy, crazy day. I exercised with Michelle and it was better today. It felt really good to get out there and do it again although I was nervous just knowing what was coming. I watched a little girl who is cute as can be while her mom went to dad's graduation....so fun! I ran to the store to get a few things and came home and watched another little girl that we love for her mom to go to the doctor. I made dinner for a family who just had a baby...#7, and 50 cupcakes for school valentine parties. It was a very busy day. I think I finished frosting all the cupcakes around 8:30 and finally got the last load out of the dryer for our trip.
Friday...got up early to exercise with James. I made him do my work-out with me. Heeheehee!!! We watched 2 little girls for a little while and then went to the church to decorate for the Valentine Dance. It was fun decorating and all that. We got home and packed like maniacs to head down to San Diego for the weekend. We finally headed off to pick up the kids and head off....what a trip. It rained a lot but it wasn't too bad because it was mostly a light rain. We got to mom's house at about 11 and went to bed!!!
Saturday....mom and I went for a walk in the morning and it was really nice to get out in the fresh air and just chat with her. I love my mom dearly. We all got ready to go but ended up watching August Rush and loved it....good movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. We headed up to Temecula to see Jared Furgeson to fix my teeth. He was one of the favorite Spanish missionaries we knew in SD (of course James is my favorite). He is now a dentist and he fixed my teeth for me. He was so sweet and he did such an awesome job. He is probably the best dentist I've ever met!!! My mouth of course was numb for a while but it un-numbed just in time to eat an inn-n-out burger! We spent the rest of the night just chillin' out and having fun!
Sunday...I got to see both my brothers and have dinner at mom's. It's so fun to hang out with them and to see Craig's girls. They are so darn cute and growing up way too fast! Oh yeah....at church James found out that mom is in the same ward as someone that he knew from his mission and when we lived in San Diego before we were invited to their sealing...totally awesome!
Monday....we got in the car to come home and it was insane!!! The rain was coming down like mad and what should only take 8 hours, took 11!!! We finally got home last night at 10!!! I couldn't believe it. I t was so darn annoying.
Today....I worked out with Michelle and now I'm listening to my little girls have a cat fight....I guess that's what happens when they don't get enough sleep. Oh well! It was a good week and I'm looking forward to another one!!!


lancer said...

What a crazy week. You didn't have time to snap pics! Thanks for always doing so much to help us and everyone around you. You are a good example to me. I'm glad your trip went well, even though it rained. We are going to miss you!

lancer said...

Um...actually that was Amy. I'm logged as Lance but I'm sure he'd agree with everything I said!!

Dasha said...

wow, what a crazy busy week! i do appreciate you being able to help me out. sounds like you're helping just about everyone else out as well. you are too fabulous. good luck with your work outs!!!

Jardine Family said...

Wow you stay busy! I am SOOOO PROUD of you for stickin' to your workouts!! YAY YOU!!

Ang said...

Sounds like a blast - I love busy weeks if I'm doing things I enjoy. Working out sounds awesome! I'm so glad you're able to do it and that you're loving it! You're going to get so skinny!!!!!

Erin said...

Thanks for all the encouragement guys! I don't know that I'll ever be "skinny" again but I'll at least start to feel better about myself and that's all that matters. It's a good feeling already and I love it!!! Being busy is really fun!!!