Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our little parrot!

Our cute little Sariah has decided to really try out her vocabulary here recently. She repeats just about everything that is said in front of her. She also mimics me perfectly...I don't have to discipline the older kids anymore because she just does it for me. What a gal...makes my job easier. I'm just kidding. But she puts her hands on her hips and stands over a mess with the cutest look on her face and sighs...it's the best! So, last night James was tucking the kids in and he was holding Sariah while he was doing so. She loves it and tells the kids "night kids...love" and then shakes her head a little as they walk out like..."whew...that's all done". So, James went in to the girls room and they weren't in bed like they were supposed to be and he said "what the crap" to them. Cute little parrot girl looks at them and says "prap!" and shakes her head. YIKES!!! It's one of her favorite things to say now. I guess we need to be a little more careful what we say and do. No pressure for James...but she mimics him more than me...he can't do ANYTHING without his daddy's girl seeing it and copying. Gotta love how kids keep us on our toes and make us work harder to be better. Thanks kids!


Dasha said...

Ain't it the truth. I don't always realize what I'm saying until I hear something out of one of the kiddo's mouths and wonder where in the world it came from? haha

Morgen Olson said...

what a cutie! It's so true. there are so many words that I say that I don't think are bad..until I hear a 4 year old say them!! Thank goodness for them though, they have taught me to be good:)

Linda Gibbs said...

Hey! At least it was just "crap"! could have been worse.