Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tank is a card

I was too embarrassed to put a picture to incriminate myself. Tank was sitting there next to me at breakfast this morning and noticed something about me. He announced to the family that I must be an elf because I have a little point in my ear towards the top of it!!! Oh my goodness!!! I turned red as the family went on and on about mom being an elf. It was quite funny and gave us all a good laugh. I guess I'll just have to be better about keeping my ears covered so that I don't get self-conscious!!!


Morgen Olson said...

aren't kids so silly. They never hold back...ever:) besides, elves are cute:)

Carissa J said...

Lol.. funny Tank!

Corianne said...

I have big elf ears!!!! My brother has made fun of them. Luckily my kids haven't noticed yet! I could never be a ballerina, tight buns just wouldn't be flattering on me!