Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a little fun!

Beka being cuteness!

Sariah being a little star!

Beka showing off a little ballerina pose!

Sariah telling me her hair was silly!

My 30 1/2 week belly with the girls!

So, I've been a slacker again on blogging. I just forget about it all the time and all the sudden more time has gone by than I realize! Lots has happened in February. Teancum did his first science project for school and really enjoyed it. It was a fun time for father and son to work together. He didn't get to go on but he got a good grade, but most importantly he enjoyed doing it!

Jarom celebrated his 7th birthday and at the party James told everyone about his fun experience at drill. He got the opportunity to be tased, and told us that it's one of those opportunities that you'll never volunteer for again. James isn't a whimp but said it was the most painful thing that he's ever experience. He also decided to get ahold of the guy who took a video of it so that I could see. Not something I would care to witness in person let alone watch the video for again. OUCH!!!!!! So, Jarom had a really fun time with all the aunts and uncles around and grandma and grandpa. He had a black spiderman cake and mcdonalds chicken nuggets for dinner. Way to make a little guy happy!

Ana has just been pluggin' along in school and enjoying it tremendously. She is one of the best students in her class and is such a sweetheart. She loves going to achievement days with her friends and is really starting to come out of her shell a little bit. Sweet!

James and I got to go to the valentine's dinner put on by the yw of the ward to raise money for camp. They even babysat the kids for us while we ate spaghetti and had ice cream...what a night. After the dinner we went to some friends house to watch a dvd of their favorite comedian. About 10 minutes into there was a knock on the door. Good old Officer Foster drove over to tell us that our son was standing out on the front porch crying. Jarom had decided that he was going to wait til someone asked for him to come inside (we all thought he was upstairs with the rest of the kids) and stayed out there. Someone drove by and noticed him out there without a coat and he would hide himself as best he could into the wall whenever someone drove by. She noticed Office Foster at Walmart and sent him over to check it out. SO EMBARRASSING!!!!! I just couldn't believe that the poor kid didn't knock on the door. He is stubborn and he was absolutely convinced that we knew he was out there and would come get him any second. I think it'll be a while before we live that one down since it was the house of the guy James works with and Mrs Foster works at the school too.

We got the horrible long lasting cold that has been going around which has made life a little crazy. Sariah has had it the longest and I feel sorry for her little self. She seems to be getting better each day and now it's Beka that's not sounding so good. I've missed 2 weeks of church because of it and I can't wait to go back. Well...Feb was a fun month and I'm sure I missed A LOT of stuff that we've done but I'll try to do better this next month.


Corianne said...

Love the wigs! Your belly is cute! I can't believe you are 30 weeks! YOur kids are cute love the stories! Kids are so funny!

Ang said...

It has been forever - update more! Poor Jarom. Sometimes you wonder what kids are thinking!! Glad you got to go out for Valentines though. I was at a hotel with my hubby....and newborn baby! It was one of our favorite Valentines Days though!