Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beka's at it again

So, I went up stairs and was talking to a sleeping James. Beka decided she would go ahead and talk to me so I wouldn't get my feelings hurt. We teased the dad a little for the ever increasing gray hair situation he has. I told Beka that was an old man and I was a young woman still. She laughed and then got real serious...
Beka: Mom, you and I are young and we are going to get married.
Mom: Who am I going to marry, Scoops?
Beka: bramma (that's grandma just in case you're wondering)
Mom: Well, if I'm going to marry grandma then who is dad going to marry?
Beka: (with a look that only Beka can give that says duh stupid) his mutha!!!
Mom: Oh, WOW!!!
Beka: HA! HA! HA!
She really thought she was something. I guess we need to have a little chat with Beka about the family thing as far as marriages go. YIKES!!! Needless to say I thought it was adorable and she is a funny little one!


Vonnie said...

That Beck's will keep us all in stitches. She is a smart little one and knows she is funny. I think it is funny when she cracks herself up. I love watching her, she is so happy. I want a drink of whatever she is drinking.

Pam said...

Erin, that is too adorable...I can't wait to see that cute Beka's face and hear that laugh!