Thursday, June 5, 2008

Armjo's ouchie toe!

I found these pictures the other day and couldn't help but put them on here. This was when we first moved in with Gma and Gpa Hoopes after my back surgery. Grams was taking the 3 older kids to church and I hadn't gotten Jarom's shoes on yet, Tank opened the door for everyone but not before it caught Jarom's toenail and yanked it ALMOST clean off. Grandma helped drive us to the ER where I just about lost it. They ended up sedating him to try and rip it off. I left and left Grandma to doing the watching (way too weak of a stomach). Apparently they tried to yank it off but even sedated he pulled his leg back and so they ended up having to numb him first. It was horrible. And to think, they wanted me to just hold him and let them yank it without putting him to sleep...yeah right!!! So, it was interesting watching him come out of the sedation...he looked like a drunk 2 year old. The poor thing couldn't keep his head up, he couldn't talk but he sure tried. Grams and I did get a couple of good laughs out of it...I had to laugh to keep from crying. I can't thank Grandma enough for being there for us in our time of DESPERATE need. Thanks're the best!


Vonnie said...

That was such an awful accident. When I first saw the pictures I was worried his toe had never healed. I still feel responsible for the accident, so I hope his toe has no lingering damage. I love that Jarom. He is one of my favorite boys in this world.

Erin said...

No damage whatsoever and you are NOT in any way shape or form responsible for that little toe. We seriously laughed yesterday when Jarom looked and we finally remembered what toe it was!