Thursday, June 12, 2008

Strawberries anyone?

Sariah wanted some strawberries yesterday that were all chopped up to go on our french toast. Dad had just left the table and she was wondering around picking at everyone's food that was left (a normal thing for her to do.) I saw her trying to get the bowl of strawberries to pull on to the chair and then follow dad into the living room. As I got up after telling her no, she yanked it down in a hurry to get away from mom and fell off the chair taking the bowl with her. She was not happy about this at all as you can see. James took her upstairs to clean her up and she actually thought it was a little humorous to see herself in the mirror. James took one of the strawberries off her head and showed it to her, so she picked it out of his hand and ate it. I guess she decided that she really didn't want it to go to waste. What a funny little girl she is. I guess dad needs to always take her with him when he leaves the table because she just follows him anyways...she's definitely a daddy's girl. 


Ang said...

I had an experience a little similar to this recently at church. I wanted to close up the bag of honey smacks so Elli couldn't take huge handfulls and make a big mess, but that made her mad so she grabbed it before I could get it closed up and honey smacks were EVERYWHERE! We always sit right on the front row so I'm sure the whole ward saw it. I had my little kids hurry to pick it all up before the boys came to pass the sacrament so they wouldn't crunch it up into the carpet. Crazy kids!

Erin said...

I love it!!! That is classic.

Vonnie said...

That Sariah is so cute. I love her face when she is happy or sad. I love the strawberry balancing on her head. I would love to find the picture of Teancum with chocolate all over his hands and face and the remains of the chocolate Easter bunny he was eating stuck in about the same place as the strawberry on Sariah's head. The funny part was he was looking for this bunny and couldn't find where he had left it. Kids do the funniest things.